American style events

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Our American event module can be adapted and is suitable for events such as Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Mardi Gras, “Tailgate party”, “Fried green tomatoes/Whistle Stop Café” and many others.

We offer great value for money “turn-key”-solutions including food, bar services, entertainment, event styling, games and engagement opportunities, give-aways and more.

See below for some of the things we offer for American style events.


Authentic American food such as

  • Gourmet Hot Dogs & Burgers
  • Texas style smoker BBQ meats (ribs, pulled pork, chicken wings)
  • Baked potatoes
  • Cole slaw, corn on a cob
  • Southern fried/soul food items
  • Pumpkin pie

Plus desserts such as Donuts, S`Mores (toasted marshmallows), apple pie.

Finger food options available.

Food module is suitable for events from 40 to any number guests/day.

Bar & beverages:

Alcoholic beverages such as

  • Beers (Local IPAs or imported Sierra Nevada, Budweiser etc.)
  • Cocktails such as Manhatta, White Russian, Long Island Ice tea
  • Spirits such as Whiskeys

Non-alcoholic beverages such as

  • Iced Tea creations
  • Home made lemonades
  • Milk-shakes
  • etc.

Beverage options will be designed and customized to meet your needs and budget.

Event styling & equipment:

Styling & equipment elements such as

  • Marquees
  • Pallets and wooden boxes for stacking and sitting on
  • Oil drums, wine barrels
  • Antique rocking chairs, old rugs
  • Old whiskey bottles as candle holders or lamps
  • Eskies wrapped in wood with beer cans inside
  • American colours buntings, matching colour flowers, flags and balloons
  • Checkered paper table cloths, chips & dips in (plastic) baskets on the tables
  • Custom built American style bars (e.g. Tennessee, California beach, 50s, Tex-Mex style etc.)
  • Lanterns and candles, open fire pit/chimney
  • Fairy lights, palm trees, cactuses
  • 50s paraphernalia such as Petrol pumps, neon signs, car registration plates
  • Lowrider/Harley bikes, vintage cars
  • Staff in vintage t-shirts, football jackets, converse Chucks, bandanas, leather jackets, petticoats etc.


Classic rock band, Soul, R&B etc.  or modern style Detroit style Techno DJs and many other options available.

Games and Engagement:

Pinball or pool table hire, Bullriding machine, beer pong, corn hole game, horseshoe throwing, arm wrestling competition, professional axe thrower, Karaoke, Photobooth and much more

Team building

Use your event to boost staff morale or integrated with team building activities built into the event.

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